Welcome to Yoga Immersions in Puerto Vallarta

Join Anna and Visiting Teachers in Beautiful Puerto Vallarta for a yoga retreat that will elevate the relationship to your practice and to your body and may bring clarity to your life. This is a time of exploring yoga - putting everyday life on hold so you can see clearly where you would like to make improvements. There will be no tension of your normal daily routine to distract you. Come and rejuvenate your body and clear your mind. This experience will have an impact on how you live yoga in your day-to-day life.

7 Days to Flow Through the Chakras
Davannayoga's Annual Retreat in Puerto Vallarta with Anna Laurita
February 15-21, 2016


Together, we,ll flow through 7 Days of chakra balancing, awakening and aligning. We will weave through the 7 major chakras via yoga asana practice, mudras, playing, swimming, dancing, meditation, breathing, cooking, chanting, retreating, contemplating, making mandalas, resting & restoring; focusing from our deepest roots to the highest point.

Our week together will be a deep and playful exploration of chakra energy, through physical practices, some scientific theory, and lots of magic thrown in. We’ll anchor the teachings with direct practices to understand and embrace the chakra system.

There will be time for private sessions if desired which will create your own special practice that you can use at home for your individual chakra balancing needs.

Each day will include 2 yoga practices suitable for all levels and the 7 days will be thoughtfully sequenced throughout the week to maintain a steady & sustainable pace.

Some of the offerings include:

* Morning Yoga Asana practice or physical activity focused on the chakra of the day
* Evening Restorative Yoga practice and meditation focused on the chakra of the day
* Daily vegetarian / vegan brunch
* One Cooking Class with Anna - Vegetarian Tamales, Agua de Jamaica and more delights!
* Chakra cleansing Kriya session for balancing the chakras and corresponding organs
* Chakra and element balancing meditation session which includes mudras, bija mantras, color therapy and visualizations
* Deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra
* Short Hike to a high point in PV for a morning guided meditation with a stunning view of the Bay of Banderas
* Workshop on Yoga as Soul Food with Rachael Helschein
* Chakra tuning with Mantras and Meditation session with Kirtan Master Raoul Diaz
* Mandala art session with well-known PV artist to spark your intuition
* A Latin Dance Movement Session with professional Salsa teacher
* Stand Up Paddle board session with informal yoga asana practice (depending on waves) -
* optional (this is on a peaceful nearby beach where you may choose to come along but swim and relax on the beach instead)

The full retreat cost is 740usd$ You may come to one day only or only one session. Daily costs vary depending on activity, contact anna@davannayoga.com for special pricing.
If you're paying via paypal 22usd will be added for paypal fees.
You can pay via credit card with Paypal, we do not accept credit cards in the shala.
Reserve Your Space Now!

Price for this full 7-day retreat includes:

* All your yoga offerings * SUP rental and instruction * Daily brunch - some at Casa Davanna and some at local vegetarian restaurants. * Mandala Art Session - Make your own mandala and share them for insights * Special chakra tuning session with Kirtan Master Raoul Diaz * Latin Dance Class * Vegetarian Cooking Class and lunch * Special Workshop with Rachael Helschein * We'll also have plenty of space in the schedule for free time. During that free time you might enjoy the ocean and a good book or a nap or we can organize for you: Spa services (massage, manicure/pedicure, facials), surfing and other local activities.

Price of this retreat does not include:

* Transportation * Housing (please see recommended housing at the bottom of this page) * Meals other than daily brunches/cooking class

3 Day Retreat with Earle Birney
May 2016 - (watch this space for exact dates)



During this 3-day retreat we will explore ideas on what makes a complete practice using the wisdom found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well as several different Buddhist lojong texts, asanas, meditation and other components that make up a complete path. By focusing on developing and enhancing one's spiritual practice through both inner and outer methods, we will see how to incorporate these ideas and ideals in a practical way into one's life.

Daily you will have a yoga asana practice on the beautiful rooftop, nourishing breakfast on the rooftop and 2 lectures. These are moderately paced sessions for everybody to enjoy.

Each day there are 3 sessions. You may join the entire retreat or just one or more session.

Biography of Earle Birney

Earle has recently completed a 3 year 3 month 3 day meditation retreat at Diamond Mountain University. This was the culmination of a 14 year program in advanced Buddhist studies. During this period, Earle taught the yoga philosophy programs at Diamond Mountain; taught yoga in studios, schools, and prisons; and led workshops and retreats in Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Earle has extensively studied the yogic scriptures from both the Buddhist and traditional Hindu perspectives. Now the goal has become making these teachings real through the integration of these systems into a modern yogic lifestyle and sharing these teachings and experiences with others.



ONE DAY ONLY - 70$usd -

SUNDAY ONLY - cost is 50$ usd with donation for Session 3

ONE SESSION ONLY - 30$usd per session (All first sessions -yoga asana class- includes breakfast)

*Informal Community Gathering about Retreat on Sunday from 6-8pm is the cost of your Donation

These costs do not include housing, please see housing recommendations on our website. Only breakfasts are included these 3 days.

Doug Swenson 300 hr. RYT Puerto Vallarta
August 1-25, 2016


Doug Swenson - Yoga TT Program Puerto Vallarta 2016 (300) hour

(Yoga Alliance Certified School)

Not just another Teacher Training...
A recipe for a better life

Location and Dates:
Davannayoga - Puerto Vallarta
August 1-25, 2016 (300-hr)

Highest Quality Holistic Approach

This unique course offers full spectrum Yoga training for all levels of practice. This is a high quality holistic approach training. This is a 300 hr. Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program in Sadhana Yoga Chi.

Doug's Teaching Approach
Doug is the author of several books, and has over 40 years teaching experience. Don't miss the opportunity to study with one of the world's best instructors! Doug's classes are always inspirational, educational, and invigorating. In addition to Doug's wonderful, supportive style of teaching his keen sense of humor always gives the students a smile on their face and warmth in their heart.

Sadhana Yoga Chi Holistic Approach
Sadhana Yoga Chi is an evolution of Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Students will enjoy a unique holistic approach to yoga training... using both hard, more challenging, and soft, less challenging techniques. This approach will greatly enhance the students progress, self-confidence and ability in all styles of yoga asana practice, and expand to encompass all aspects of a balanced approach, both physically and mentally.

Hard and Soft Techniques
Doug teaches a balance between both hard and soft styles of yoga practice. The hard style is more challenging, using muscle resistance based vinyasa. The soft is less challenging, without muscle based vinyasa. The course provides a professional approach to Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Power and Restorative Yoga. This Sadhana Yoga Chi system can be more challenging than Ashtanga Yoga, or as gentle and light as Yin and Restorative Yoga. The recipe for success is to alternate challenging days with easy days, cross-training, and some rest days.

Individual Basis
The whole course is centered on recognizing each student as an individual. Beginners will receive simplistic, yet helpful and targeted instruction, while the advanced student will find it challenging and invigorating.

Sadhana Yoga Chi Levels 1 - 4
This program is based on 4 levels of practice, to encompass beginner through advanced students. The different levels are very attainable and can be maintained throughout your life.

Other Styles of Yoga
Sadhana Yoga Chi is a complete system in itself; however, students are encouraged to practice and respect other styles of yoga lineage in order to attain a broader perspective and education of the art.

Topics covered in Sadhana Yoga Chi

  • Vinyasa Yoga / Ashtanga Yoga / Power Yoga / Yin / Restorative Yoga
  • Principles of Demonstration, Observation, Assisting, and Class Instruction
  • Influence and Respect for Mixed Styles and Yoga Tradition
  • Developing A Flexible Mind and Body
  • Yoga Adjustments and Partner Yoga
  • External and Internal Tools for Success
  • Qualities of a Yoga Teacher and Ethics
  • Yoga as a Successful Business
  • Teaching Workshops & Intensives
  • Suggestions for Menstruation, Pregnancy, and Menopause
  • Enhanced Speaking Tone and Wording Affects
  • Yoga Kriyas, Internal Cleansing and Body Detoxification
  • Cross Train With Yoga For Athletes, Weight Loss, and Holistic Fitness
  • Yoga for Seniors and Children
  • Therapeutic Yoga Designed for Specific Issues
  • Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Stress Management
  • Unique Yoga Vinyasa As A Moving Meditation
  • Sanskrit Sacred Words
  • Anatomy Related to Yoga Postures and Beyond
  • Avoid And Overcome Injury And Specific Wrist Exercises
  • Subtle Anatomy: Inner Conscience And The Chakras
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Philosophy of Yoga
  • Karma Yoga: Body and Earth Ecology
  • Enhanced Yogic Diet
  • Eight Limbs And Yoga Branches
  • Many Paths to Spirituality

Reserve your space now and get started on the home study part of this training

View Doug's 15 videos on Gaiam TV and Youtube

For more on Doug Swenson or Sadhana Yoga Chi see: www.dougswenson.net

Photos from past Davannayoga Retreats
Housing Recommendations (if Housing is not included in your immersion/retreat package)

All of these are within a 10 min. walk to Davannayoga:

You must let them know you're taking the immersion course with davannayoga for any special pricing that they may be offering

CasaDulce Vida: www.dulcevida.com

Hotel Catedral: http://www.hotelcatedralvallarta.com

Casa De Amigos Guest House: http://CasaDeAmigosPV.com

Dream Studios: http://aliciabueno.blogspot.mx/

Frida's Artist Retreat: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/895029

Vista Pacifico: www.suitesvistapacifico.com/

Bed and Pizza Youth Hostel: http://www.bed-pizza.com

Oasis Youth Hostel: http://oasishostel.com/en/index.html

Hostal Vallarta Suites: http://hostalvallartasuites.com/

Youth Hostels

Bed and Pizza (youth hostel with some private rooms available bunk beds about 11$ daily) will make a great deal for long term stays (8 min. bus ride to davannayoga) http://www.bed-pizza.com

Oasis Hostel - 3 blocks from davannayoga - you want the one in old town near the cathedral (there are two) http://oasishostel.com/en/index.html

New hotel/hostal with suites this season! It is economical, clean, and only steps away from Davannayoga. A more upscale version of a hostal with suites (bathrooms in the bedrooms). http://hostalvallartasuites.com/

A look inside a Yoga Immersion at Davannayoga
Here is your view during morning yoga practice on the rooftop!
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