We are happy to offer the Yoga Alliance RYT- 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in the Vinyasa style - in your training you will also learn how to lead basic hatha yoga classes, childrens yoga classes, meditation classes, restorative yoga classes and learn valuable information on pre-natal yoga. Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Yoga Alliance and actually exceeds the number of hours needed for a 200 hour yoga teacher certification. See our links below for course pricing, course curriculum, what a typical day is like and suggestions for local housing during your stay. We are an established program with over 100 davannayoga certified teachers from around the world who say that this training has prepared them well for teaching yoga (read the reviews below). The yoga teacher training instruction is taught primarily in English with some Spanish translation if needed. This is an affordable yoga teacher training program - especially in the Summer programs because housing in Puerto Vallarta is very affordable during those months! You will gain lots of teaching methodology and hands-on experience before leaving the course so when you sit in front of your students, you are ready. That is our goal!


You'll find all the information needed below in the following links in .pdf documents.
Should you have any questions, please contact: anna@davannayoga.com

article-imageTake a look inside our Yoga Teacher Training program

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More photos of a recent Teacher Training

Even more photos of a recent Teacher Training

Davannayoga® Teacher Training Testimonials

Surpassed every expectation I had. Anna Laurita is a power-house of energy, knowledge, and experience. I will be enrolling in her 500YTT whenever she rolls out the curriculum!
- Julie DeVilbiss, Vermont USA

Love the program and Anna is a sweetheart and the knowledge she has is amazing. so grateful for having this life changing experience in Davannayoga!
- Alicia Huet, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Davannayoga provides a comprehensive and fun teacher training program, I highly recommend Anna's program to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher. I felt prepared to teach the minute I walked out the door.
- Jeri Kreig, Canada

Davannayoga was such a great and loving experience, from Anna, her family, the other teachers and of course the unforgettable friends you will make on the course. Anna's Shala is very welcoming and has so much culture and energy. I learnt a lot about my personal practice, alignment, adjustments and safety which were my key objectives of a YTT. Anna gives a good foundation for new teachers and you get the opportunity to share your thoughts, demonstrations and practice your own classes. Davannayoga is very traditional and Anna has great respect for the KYM lineage which is a solid foundation to start a yoga teacher journey. And her bliss balls are amazing!
- Jayne Coote, England

A really solid base on which to begin a yoga teaching journey. I enjoyed the more traditional approach that Davannayoga offer, and I felt ready to jump straight into teaching on graduation. Because of the intense nature of the course, I also formed close bonds with fellow students, which helps immensely with future endeavours!
- Cindra Banks, Australia

In my experience, yoga teacher training was something that lingered in the back of my mind and was always on the 'to do someday' list. As with all great things that happen in life, Davannayoga came at the right place and time and I feel eternally grateful for this serendipitous opportunity. You will not find a more genuine or supportive environment than Davannayoga in which to grow, nor a more knowledgeable or kind teacher than Anna from whom to learn.
- Tara Bergeson, BSF
MSc Candidate, NRES | University of Northern British Columbia

Coming from the other side of the world, it was davannayoga’s comprehensive website that first caught my attention when searching for a yoga teacher training school in Mexico. It was clear and full of information and showed Anna’s commitment to her practise, teaching and teacher training. It also showed a high level of professionalism and credentials that I wanted from my training. And I am very pleased to say that my experience at davannayoga far exceeded any of my expectations. Anna is a very knowledgeable, professional, generous, compassionate and passionate teacher. The course is thorough and impeccably structured, giving great scope and insight into the teaching, methodology, anatomy, philosophy, history, business and practice of yoga. And this is all done in the embrace of Anna, her family, community and shala in beautiful PuertoVallarta. Each and every student is made to feel completely welcome and supported through this intensive training period.

Not only am I now a qualified Yoga Alliance recognised Yoga Teacher, but taking my training at davannayoga has prepared me to be as successful a yoga teacher as I can be. And the development, growth and deepening of my own yoga practice has been astounding. This training has equipped me with knowledge, confidence and support to start this new chapter of my life. Furthermore, Anna’s commitment to her students extends long after graduation and I feel my kinship to the davannayoga family is unending.
- Shoshannah Orenstein, Australia

Anna Laurita is a great teacher. Not only she is experienced and very knowledgeable, but she is also compassionate and really interested in every one of her students. She made the whole process so enjoyable that I never want to stop studying with her! Before I began the teacher´s training I had my doubts about wanting to be a teacher but she inspired me so much that I am certain that I want to be a yoga teacher, hopefully some day as good as she is. I recommend her training to anyone who wants to be a teacher and also to students who want to have a deeper understanding of every aspect of yoga from anatomy to history, philosophy, thai massage, meditation, proper alignment of every asana, etc.
- Alejandra Suarez, Mexico

I just want to say that I really enjoyed everything. You are always so positive that you really inspire us. For sure you inspired me. I think your way of teaching is just wonderful. and thank you so much for everything you have taught me. Namaste!
- Shamira Arzumendi Machuca, Mexico

I´m sure Anna must feel extremely satisfied after finishing the teacher´s training because she´s a great teacher, with great skills, always prepared, always studying, and always willing to learn more.

I know she´s a great universe gift.
I feel ready, I´ve learned TONS, and she encourages me to learn more & more and be responsible in the teaching field.
I´ll always thank her in my heart for being such a great mentor, for believing in me and always have a kind word to go forward.
I miss the teacher training team and the study group!!! And will have all them all always in my heart!

Anna is definitively one of my life gurus...

davannayoga gave me what I was looking for and even more. The way Anna transmits her knowledge is so pleasing, it makes you want to stay forever! I left my training with much humbleness in my heart, with a burning desire to be of service to my community and walk aside those who wish to be better human beings. I also know that the more I study, the more there is to know, Yoga is an endless journey, and I'm enjoying the ride!!
- Cathy Arce Urroz, Guadalajara, Mexico

This training has helped me so much! I have been teaching full time for three years, and I arrived to this training with plenty of questions. I have felt that my students needed certain adjustments, motivation, and deeper understanding of what they are doing, and this training has truly given me the tools I need to feel more articulate and more confident at dealing with the various complicated situations you face when teaching. Anna's emphasis on encouraging the direction of the postures helped me remember what the emphasis should be in the asanas.

I also feel more prepared for the different level of students in classes, giving more challenging postures to those who are ready for them, as well as literally giving tools to people to come in at varying levels of the postures. I feel Anna's training has helped me to trust my own style of teaching, and this definitely shines through to the students.
- Anna Smutny, Montreal, Canada

Davannayoga is a great place to start deepening your yoga studies and practice. Spending time in a peaceful yoga shala with an amazing view of the beautiful ocean and the best guide is priceless.

I feel very honored to have Anna Laurita as a guide in this adventurous ride. I would have never imagined I didn’t have to go to the other side of the world to learn and experience a course so great. She really is a living example of a loving woman following a yogic path. I was very inspired by her from day one and still am.
- Mariana Sanchez Peregrina

"I feel like I have been given so many great tools from you (Anna) that will absolutely help me as a student and a teacher in yoga and art. I am so grateful to have had you as my teacher and to have experienced this in Puerto Vallarta, of all places!!! This amazing experience is hard to let go of, but will always be fondly with me."
- Danielle Redlin

The training has a really good quality and I have learned a lot in all of the aspects of yoga. Anna is so generous and filled with compassion for all. She has been such an inspiration for me to live yoga in my daily life. She took really good care of us and if we had a question she would take her time to find the answer. For example she found out I had hyper-extended elbows wich nobody else had ever noticed. Then she gave simple adjustments I could do for it. One of the other great things is that we also got to see how she balances being a shala-owner, teacher and mother.

After the training I feel much more centered, inspired and compassionate than before. I am truly grateful with all my heart. Thank you for your compassion, patience, love, generosity, words and inspiration.Thank you!
- Kristiane Dranger, Norway

Anna is the best teacher I have ever had. I have been doing yoga for 11 years all over the world and without a doubt she is the best in my experience! You leave her classes feeling more knowledgable, lighter at heart and one inch longer from every dimension of your body! You just have to take a class to know what I mean!
- Mitra Ayat-Mahdavi

I know we all said thank you a thousand times but I feel so lucky to have completed my training with you and your beautiful studio. The course is none other than life changing and the support from yourself, nora, sam and the other training yogis really made the whole experience 'delicious'.

My biggest learning was to be OK with where I am at, in life and with different asanas. Making peace with it not being a 'today' pose. The training made me go within and feel the pose, which has improved my practice enormously. I'm feeling so much stronger and am certain I have grown a couple of cm's due to my posture! Or maybe im just holding my head higher!
- Kim McPherson, Australia

"If you're thinking of doing it, stop thinking and do it! The training I received at davannayoga has enhanced my journey in so many ways. Anna brings everything to her training; I learned what I had intended to and about 1000 times more. I felt well prepared after the training."
- Raelene Hodgson, Vancouver Canada

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