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Ready for more? We are excited to take you to the next level of yoga teacher teaching. Please join us for the Yogic Lifestyle and Advanced Teaching Program. This is where the teachings and the teacher become one. You will take your teachings to the next level with advanced vinyasa sequencing & theming, analytical anatomy teachings and advanced business tips for yogis. You will receive a more in-depth training on teaching meditation, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and reaching special audiences such as overweight students, beginners and advanced practitioners. You will also learn daily yogic rituals that keep you on your yogic path including a strong module on Ayurveda. We teach Classic Yoga based on the Yoga Sutras 8 limbs of yoga. The Krishnamacharya parameters for sequencing vinyasa are the foundation of this training. Our complete curriculum ( in the link below) can tell you more! Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Yoga Alliance and actually exceeds the number of hours needed for an RYT-300 registration. See our links below for course pricing, curriculum, what a typical day is like and suggestions for local housing during your stay. You can also register for this course below using the links. We are an established program with nearly 200 davannayoga certified teachers from around the world who say that this training has prepared them well for teaching yoga (read the reviews below). The yoga teacher training instruction is lead in English with some Spanish translation if needed.

The advantage of our training is that it is offered in a working yoga shala and training group sizes are very small. The course is located in a magical town that is safe, fun and easy to get around. We are only 4 blocks from the beach. The air is clean and the people are friendly. The food is wonderful and healthy, fresh juice and vegetarian options are very accessible.

Due to varying personal preferences and budgets we run non-residential teacher training programs. There are many housing options within a 5 minute walk of Davannayoga. Please see our Housing Recommendations in the link below. Once you have registered, we can help you to connect with others in the course who would like to share housing if you are looking to share.



You'll find all the information needed for the 300 Hour Teacher Training Program in the following links of .pdf documents.
Should you have any questions, please contact: anna@davannayoga.com

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Davannayoga® Teacher Training Testimonials

"This training is extremely complete. Anna covers all the elements of becoming a yoga teacher so thoroughly that I felt confident to begin teaching immediately upon finishing the course. There is a beautiful comfort at Davannayoga with Anna Laurita, and I am utterly thrilled that I chose to take the training with her. Incredible support, love and preparation is what Davanna Yoga offers!"
- Kylie Dalzell July 2017

"This was an extremely comprehensive, well-organized program. The lectures, literature, workshops, guest speakers, and daily practices were thoughtfully and logically presented. Anna is a wonderful model of the yogic lifestyle. Her enthusiasm is genuine and contagious. She has a remarkable ability inspire excitement, confidence, and growth within her students. I highly, highly, highly recommend Davannayoga."
- Kristen Humphreys, July 2017

I feel so grateful that I discovered Davannayoga and completed my training with Anna. She is such a support from the moment you make contact with her and quickly responds to any questions or concerns you may have. The training itself is incredible. Anna is so experienced and knowledgeable and makes everyone feel very comfortable and supported throughout it all. You receive a lot more than what is required by the Yoga Alliance. Anna sets up multiple work shops throughout the training and you get to experience the magic that is Kirtan meditation. I never came into the training with the intention of teaching afterwards, however once I was done I felt that there was no way I couldn't pass along everything that I learned. From breathing techniques to help you through everyday life, mantras and meditation, to how to sequence a yoga class and include themes. You leave with so much confidence, creative energy and options of different avenues you can take your yoga knowledge. On top of all that, you're in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, right on the ocean, where the people are so kind and the food is so delicious. I completed my training with a special group of women that I will always carry in my heart, I will forever be thankful for having Anna as my teacher. She has taught me so much and I admire her as an individual, I couldn't imagine having the same experience anywhere else. She is patient, encouraging, kind and loving towards everyone and will teach you the true meaning of yoga. It is no wonder why there are many of her students now living in Puerto Vallarta and teaching in her shala. If you are thinking of taking a teacher training, this is the place to go. DO IT!
- Ria Barrett, Canada

Davannayoga is absolutely AMAZING!!! I am so happy that I did my teacher training here and I would highly recommend this school to anyone. I can't wait to go back and visit!
- Kathryn Hunting, SLO California, USA

"Davannayoga is hOMe. Anna is truly a modern day goddess, passing on the fire torch that is yoga magic, bestowing not only knowledge but inspiration to her students. The shala is perfection, the teachers, are accessible, informative and authentic. The curriculum was comprehensive and gave me a solid foundation of theory allowing me a framework to practice creativity and compassion on a personal level as well as a yoga professional. Anna is a blessing, I am so grateful for her influence in my life. GRACIAS PARA TODO GURU!
- Jessyca Eve Canizales, Sri Lanka

I was recommended to Davannayoga teachers training by a friend of mine who had also attended, and boy am I glad I signed up! Anna is such a fantastic teacher. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise astounds me along with her patience, generosity and commitment to her students. The yoga shala is a serene beautiful place to practice and learn. Vallarta itself is a beautiful town with the most idyllic beaches, amazing food and has the friendliest people I have come across on my travels in a long time. The training itself is intense but having Anna by your side supporting you, along with all the amazing people you meet will make all your hard work so worth it. The people you meet will likely end up being your friends for life, even when you live a million miles away from each other. I cant wait to go back!
- Hayley Taylor

I couldn't have found a better program. Anna is such a lovely and compassionate teacher that lives and breathes yoga fully.
- Mariana Sanchez Peregrina

I adored the shala, the education and all of our teachers, especially Anna. The history of yoga and the respect to the Krishnamacharya lineage was inspiring and rooted every class to a deep spiritual place. I have nothing but good things to say about this program and this beautiful space in Mexico. I look forward to visiting again soon and taking on all that I was taught to spread the love in my yoga classes and in my everyday life.
- Kaleigh Atkinson

"Anna is a true guru, a lifelong teacher, practitioner, and devotee who has studied all over the world -- and it shows. I've studied with many (many) teachers at well-known studios in NY, MA, SF, and LA, but -- for her knowledge and passion, for a customized small group experience, for the opportunity to be part of a life-long, global community -- I would strongly urge aspiring teachers to consider studying with Anna in PV!"
- John Newsome, NY and SF, USA

"I chose to train at Davannayoga because I wanted a program that wasn't just going to teach me the poses. At Davannayoga I gained an in-depth knowledge of not only the asanas, but why they work and what they do for the body. I also learned about meditation, how to live more of a yogic lifestyle, the Bhagavad Gita, and enjoyed our in-depth conversations of the Yamas and the Niyamas. Anna is not just a yoga teacher. She is a scholar in her field. Most importantly, I gained the confidence I needed to find my own voice as a teacher. Anna molded me and supported me in a way that balanced out my training. I can't imagine having gone through this training anywhere else."
- Andrea Restivo, Los Angeles California USA

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