Private Yoga Instruction With Anna Laurita

Anna Laurita offers private instruction to her students who desire to take their practice deeper or to new students who wish to begin a yoga practice correctly. She will request your objective and then she moves forward in a systematic approach with you to meet your goals. She can help you by providing an integral approach combining yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology and healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Anna looks at the bigger picture. She can help you lead a happier and healthier life by using yoga as tool to create more peace in your everyday activities and throughout your life.

Anna Laurita and other teachers from Davannayoga can come to your home or vacation home to lead individual and group classes for you and your house guests. This is a great way to stay fit and happy and to enhance your vacation if you are here on holiday.


Consultation and beginnings - Create Your Own Yoga Practice - 3 sessions - each 1 hour

Consultation 1 - We will discuss which style of yoga most suits you in this time of your life. We will explore your lifestyle, goals for your practice and general health and move from there determining which style of yoga would be best for you. I will go away and create a practice for your needs and time limits.

Consultation 2 - Experience the practice specially created for you. I will make changes and adjustments in alignment with your needs for your next practice session. You will be asked to practice this program I've given you for some time.

Consultation 3 - Explore how you have felt in your customized practice. Make any final adjustments and practice them together so that you have a practice that fits you perfectly for where you are today.

Movement Offerings - all 1 hour sessions

Power Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Gentle Movement and Stretching with Pranayama
108 Surya Namaskaras celebration - perfect for celebrating your birthday, anniversary, a solstice, or the beginning of something new
Surya Namaskaras with Bija Mantras

Stillness Offerings - 1 hour or more

Restorative Yoga Class with Aromatherapy

Guided Meditation Class

Tips for Meditation session

Energy Offerings - 1 hour or more

Using Mudras in your teachings or everyday life for more energy or to calm the mind Mantras history/theory and or only practice.

Chakras and the Elements - guided meditation using hand gestures (mudras) to align your chakras with the elements - very powerful for clearing out old energy or awakening dormant areas of your body.

Philosophy Offerings

What is Yoga?
Living with the Yoga Sutras as your guide - 1.5 hr. session
Yoga Sutras Chapter 1
Yoga Sutras Chapter 2
Yoga Sutras Chapter 3
The Koshas
The Vayus

Yoga History Offerings

Tracing the History of Yoga - The Vedas and the Upanishads and how we got to where we are today. 2 hour session History and Philosophy of Yoga Asanas - 1 hour session

Special Classes for Yoga Teachers (all of the courses here and above will count for CEU's with the Yoga Alliance)

Using Props with your Students or in your own practice
Basic Sequencing your Vinyasa class or Hatha Yoga Class
Creative Sequencing and Flowing
Theme Based Sequencing
Teaching Methodology
How To Resonate with Your Students - Nurturing the Student
Yoga Massage
Delicious Yoga Assists and Adjustments of your chosen 5-8 postures - theory and practice

ANATOMY - each 1.5 hour sessions - includes alignment review of postures in these categories-

Basic Anatomy Overview as it relates to Yoga (in English or Spanish)
Anatomy of Twists
Anatomy of Inversions
Anatomy of Standing Postures
Anatomy of Forward Bends
Anatomy of Backbends

Specially Designed Courses with Anna Laurita, ERCYT, ERPYT with the Yoga Alliance

Teaching Children's Yoga (course outline given on request - 3 days needed at 2+ hours daily)

Teaching Pre-Natal Yoga (course outline given on request - 3 days needed at 3+ hours daily)


Individual or Group Private Class here at Davannayoga shala - 60 usd$ OR package of 3 classes - 150 usd$
Davannayoga teacher visits your home or vacation villa - 100 usd$

Private Class

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