Breast Cancer Yoga Series
Feb. 16 - March 9th
With Leona Downey


Are You a Breast Cancer Survivor? (active or prior treatment)

Learn how yoga will help you regain strength, flexibility and self-empowerment!

Join the Four Week Session for All Levels at Davannayoga

Each session will have an asana practice, some knowledge sharing on yoga for breast cancer and a question and answer session.

Calle Matamoros #542, Centro

February 16, 23, March 2 & 9 11am-1:30pm

Investment: 1800 pesos

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Led by Leona Downey MD, retired oncologist and davannayoga teacher

Bio of Leona Downey :

Leona started practicing yoga in her early 30’s, initially to try to help with some chronic back pain she had suffered since her teens. She quickly realized that yoga helped her back pain, but also had myriad other benefits, including overall physical fitness, improved sleep, decreased stress, and a general sense of joy that began to spill over into her life off the mat. As she began to practice more regularly, she realized that she wanted more of this peace and calm in her life, and less stress and constant pressure to accomplish some ever changing goal. She had worked for years as a medical oncologist, treating women (and a few men) with breast cancer. She loved helping patients through this very difficult illness, but decided it was time for a change. She and her husband wanted to slow down and simplify their lives, focusing more on a healthy lifestyle, so they retired and moved to Puerto Vallarta. Shortly after moving to Vallarta, she found Anna’s shala, and fell in love with the davannayoga style and community. A passion arose in her to learn more about the origins of yoga, the philosophy behind this amazing practice, and why it works to improve our bodies, minds, and spirits in so many ways.

Ironically, just over a year after moving to Vallarta, Leona developed an aggressive breast cancer herself, requiring chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. More than ever, during the time she was undergoing treatment, she turned to yoga (including pranayama, asana, mantra, and meditation) to comfort, heal, and strengthen her body, her mind, and her spirit. Anna and everyone at davannayoga supported her, as she came into class with her bald head and weakened body, often not able to make it through a full class. She truly attributes much of her recovery to the power of yoga, and feels stronger now than ever before. In October 2017, just one year after her cancer diagnosis, she completed Anna’s 200 hour teacher training, and is now very excited to share the amazing benefits of the practice of yoga with others.

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